Sunday, November 2, 2008

A TREAT of a Halloween!

Wow what a whirlwind Halloween day we had! First, we had our much-anticipated 20-week ultrasound and found out Seth is going to have a baby SISTER. We are excited to look forward to a little girl next spring, and it's so nice to finally say she/her and not "it" when talking about Baby. We're half way there!

On to other Halloween festivities. I just have to say I love Seth's costume. One of his favorite words these days is CAR (lately it's the phrase MY car!), so I decided to make him a NASCAR driver. How was I to make this when kids don't wear jumpsuits anymore? Enter eBay. I found a vendor who sells nothing but vintage clothing patterns and scored this circa 1970's Kwik Sew pattern, brand new, never been opened. Aside from the fact that this would work perfectly, I was instantly charmed by the cartoon drawings of those little kids!
I made style C (blue with white polka dots in the picture), and made it out of black stretch cotton and added red piping around the sleeves and down the sides. Next I printed logos for Tonka, Hotwheels, Lego, NASCAR, Matchbox and McDonalds and made my own patches using Heat n' Bond iron-on fusible webbing. They weren't staying on very well, so I secured them using clear "invisible" thread in my machine. Sounds like more work than it was, but it was really fun to see it evolve and turn out just, BETTER...than I imagined! I'm sure Seth thought his mom had lost it the first time I put it on him and I squealed with delight. So...pardon me for the discourse (I sound a bit like I'm bragging, eh?) on costume construction, but WALLAH here is the finished product!

The driver in action!

He set out trick-or-treating with Matt and his trusty Frankenstein candy bag (made from a kitchen dish towel and more of that great stuff Heat n' Bond). He was close to saying "Trick or treat!" by saying "eat!", but mostly he just said "Hi!" Like the good little boy he is, he always said thank you ("kyou"). It rained all day but let up long enough for the kiddos to run around outside, and the rain returned again for the rest of the weekend. We kept a tally by the door, and when all was said and done, we had 125 "treaters" come to our house, give or take was hard to keep track the few times we got ambushed by huge throngs of goblins, princesses, animals and monsters.

...taking inventory...

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!