Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweetie "Pi"

Sunday, March 14, aka "pi" day, was our little Lydia's FIRST birthday! What a year it has been, and oh how we love this amazing sweet girl.

I've loved her from the beginning. The first three months and even beyond that, though, I admit there were days when honestly I did well to tolerate her. Acid reflux made her face turn red and the screaming commence whenever I put her down. Diaper changing was dreaded, and sleeping was non-existent. She despised swaddling, pacifiers and the baby swing. She grew out of her tummy issues, and on came the ear infections, finally remedied by the wonders of modern medicine. Everything I thought I knew about caring for an infant were challenged. every. day.

That said, I grew ever closer to her and was awed by her strength and sweetness in the few quiet moments we enjoyed together. I learned to seek out the goodness rather than expect it, and that was good for me. Endurance and unconditional love have brought me through the difficult times, helped me appreciate the fun times, and my reward is the happiest, most content, loveable girl. I am completely enamored by her. She's a girl who knows what she wants and will do just about anything to get it. Like her mom, she is curious but "cautiously adventurous." Content to observe, she is happy to watch life unfold before her and jump in and really participate when the urge bites. Just as there is a special, unique relationship between a mother and son, or father and son, so exists one just as special but different in so many ways between a daughter and both of her parents. I see myself in her, but I see her own personality forming on its own, and it makes me excited to witness her "becoming." You've come a long way, baby. We all have.
To celebrate, we had a little party on Saturday to celebrate her entrance into the "birthday by years" versus the "birthday by months" club. Since you should be able to do whatever you want on your birthday, here's what she chose to do for fun:
And here she is waiting hanging out with Daddy...
...and waiting for her party guests to arrive.
The spread of delights, using two things I don't get out very Sandstone serving dishes and the cheery Sudoku harvest tablecloth I made.
Here's my take, ahem, attempt at petit fours - more of a glorified cupcake instead of a perfect little iced confection. Still, they tasted yummy!
Let the fun begin!
(Remainder of photos courtesy of Jason - thank you, oh talented and generous one!)

Sweet! My own phone! I thought I'd have to wait another 15 birthdays to get one of these. What's this? No texting?


Here, little sis. Let me show you how it's done.


I must give kisses to every present so the givers will know just how much I love them!


Yay for me!


Blowing kisses to her adoring fans:




Cake time!

One candle for one special girl


I'm goin' in.


Yay for sugar! If you think I'm done, well I'm just getting started!

Trying to be as ladylike as possible.

Happy birthday, sweet Lydia. You are loved by many.