Sunday, November 13, 2011

12 of 12 - November

1 - I got another 5-pound award at Weight Watchers, a total of 16.6 altogether. Who doesn't want to start off their Saturday morning at 7 am with applause and praise?? I was so excited that I allowed my photo to be taken post-workout/pre-shower.

2 - Cozy Saturday morning cartoons!

3 - Lydia trying out her cupcake panties. We've all been relying too much on the pull-ups, so we're being more vigilant and prepared to do a little more laundry. She's doing great!

4 - A rare lunch together as a family. And an added treat was hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day!

5 - The kids and I made this tree a couple of weeks ago for the front window. They painted with watercolor paints on coffee filters. After they were dry, we cut them into leaves, and I cut out the tree. It's nice to look at especially now that most of the leaves on the actual trees outside have fallen.

6 - Seth is really loving to draw, and his pictures are getting more detailed. This is a drawing of Martin and Chris from Wild Kratts flying through the air to save Arthur.

7 - My sewing machine deserves a rest after this past week, so it's covered up and taking a well-deserved day off.

8 - A quiet afternoon with some hot cider and the latest Glee episode online.

9 - Mexican 7-layer dip isn't just for parties! I've been wanting this for a while, and I try to make Saturday dinners easy on myself. So we had chips and dip and the season's first satsuma mandarin oranges. They're like candy - yum!

10 - Getting ready to give Seth a haircut so he looks sharp for the Primary Program in the morning. He thought he'd try it himself, but we both decided it might be better for me to do it.

11 - It's like Christmas morning in the mail! I was dreading going out in the rain to get the mail, but both my BHG and Martha Stewart December issues came today.

12 - Sorting through the stuff Mom and I put up for sale at the Holiday Trunk Show on Friday. If you weren't able to come and you want some great holiday decor or handmade gifts, let me know! We're having fun with our budding business, Lemondrop!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Leaves are falling all around

You wouldn't know it from the looks of today, where the high temperature MAYBE reached a wet and drizzly 40 degrees, but Thursday was a gloriously sunny and warm fall day. How often can you play at the playground in Washington in November??Some people aren't too fond of raking leaves, but I quite enjoy it. I think this was my 4th time this season raking our front yard, and the falling leaves have nearly reached the end. Who can resist playing in a big, crunchy pile of pure autumn?

Halloween stuff

Among the myriad of Halloween parties and fun things to do, our little goblins had fun just wearing their costumes around the house more than anything. Oh, and getting candy too, of course.

Seth's on a Spiderman kick, if you couldn't tell from his birthday. So, I put the word out, and Gerilyn came through with a costume that's too little for her kids but just right for Seth. He didn't wear the mask much, because despite the nostril holes in it, he said it was a little hard to breathe. ;-) He loved it, though, and still wears it around.
I was going to make Lydia a fairy since she already has a pair of wings, but I saw the pattern for a little girl wizard at Joann's, and the fairy idea went out the window. I'll keep that on the back burner for another year. I'm pretty sure she's the cutest little wizardess EVER, even cuter when people asked what she was and she'd shout "wizzer!"
There was a trunk-or-treat at the church, a party at preschool (where they got their faces painted), and extra pop-in visits to family and friends. We invited our friends Ben and Megan over for dinner, and so they could take their cute little monkey boy Noah trick-or-treating with us. We always take a tally of how many spooks come to our door, and this year was a record-breaking 146. Miraculously, we had enough candy, after rifling through the kids' bags when they got home.

City Kids on the Farm

Seth's preschool class went on their annual field trip to Kelsey Creek Farm last month. Lydia got to participate too, since I wasn't going to even attempt to carry her in the backpack this time. The kiddos learned about different animals, got to pet a few of them, helped sweep and add wood shavings to the stalls, and took home their very own pumpkin. Farmer Jayne is the best!

"I just fed that cow!"

"Seriously, Mom, it's just a cow!"

Our own little critters at the Critter Crossing.

Many hands make light work.

Rookie Athlete

Seth just finished a session of Renton Rookie Athletics. He spent the last 6 weeks learning how to play soccer. They worked on dribbling, trapping, passing, shooting and heading. He really loved it,so I think we're a go for soccer season next year. I don't know any parents who weren't smiling watching 10 3-5-year-olds try a scrimmage. The moment the coach threw the ball into the game, all you could hear were a bunch of squealing little kids chasing after the ball.
Seth's biggest fan

Mr. Big 5-Year-Old

September 26th marked Seth's FIFTH birthday. And what a birthday it was, as in 3 parties stretched over 5 days. While we were at quilt retreat, Terilyn made a giant chocolate chip cookie for his cake. After a nice evening stroll, we had cookie and ice cream and presents from Grandma and Grandpa and awesome aunts.

Yes there's something on his nose. It's a little scratch from when he fell out of bed at Grandma's and landed on his face. He's over it. :-)

Grandpa and Seth are best buddies!

The very next day after we got home from Utah, Seth's class celebrated all the September birthdays with a little party. Turns out he's the ONLY one in the class with a birthday that month. I brought in fish crackers and homemade oreos with blue frosting, which are more like mini whoopie pies. They have the cutest little cupcake with a battery-operated candle that actually goes out when you "blow it out!"

Seth got to be Mrs. Richards' helper for The Birthday Cake book.

Then, on his ACTUAL birthday, we had lunch together with Dad at Wendy's, Seth went to school, and after dinner a few friends came over for cake and ice cream.

He said he wanted a Spiderman cake, so in my cake decorating ameteur-ness, the first thing I think is NOT, "Oh, I'll make an awesome cake shaped like Spiderman leaping between two tall buildings." No, it's more like, "I need to find a Spiderman toy to stick on top of a cake." So I'm pretty proud that I made a layer cake, used every drop of red food coloring in the house (a pink cake wouldn't be good), and piped dots and a spider web.

Note to self: Even though there's some leftover sweetened condensed milk in the fridge, use regular milk when making frosting so your guests won't get an immediate sugar headache when they eat it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE SETH! And thanks to everyone who helped make his special day so terrific!

First day of school

OK, so school has been in session for, oh, 2 months, but since I'm such an awesome mom who's always on top of it, I waited until now to post photos. I just like to keep my readers in suspense. :-)

Seth is in Pre-K at the same school he went last year. He loves Pied Piper and his teachers Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Stephens, and he's happy to have another fun year with them.

Wouldn't want Lydia to feel left out!

Love those big blue eyes.

Little kid bum in new jeans. :-)

If/when he does get into trouble at school, I have a feeling he'll be able to charm his way into a lesser punishment.

Found my apple on the classroom door!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mountain Valley Quilt Retreat 2011

OK, way back in September, the kids and I went on our annual trip to Loa, Utah for Mom's quilt retreat. I'm always impressed at how she pulls everything together and makes it such a wonderful time for everyone. All us girls have to do is show up and cook! And this year, big brother Darrell was initiated into the Retreat Laborer Hall of Fame. :-) It's always fun to see all the quilting ladies, and they seem to enjoy, or at least tolerate, the silliness that ensues when we kids get together. They've become good friends over the years. Can you believe this is the 8th year??

Mom made these cute aprons for all of us girls, and each had a cute flower clip too. Lydia needed to try them all the same time.

Um, yes, that's Lydia on the roof. And yes, she got up there by herself. It covers the outside basement stairs, so it goes all the way to the ground, in case you thought we leave ladders hanging around inviting toddlers to climb on top of the house. Still, this little stinker scares me!

Ack! Too much quilting and girlie stuff! C'mon, Uncle Darrell, let's stage an impromptu sword fight!

The hostess and host...aww such a cute couple.

What kid can resist playing in the water, especially when it's this cool fountain in Grandma and Grandpa's yard?

All four of us together. Do we look alike? Is it the super squinty eyes (not you, Darrell, you have normal non-squinty ones)?

This is all too much! Can't even stay awake through dinner!

Check out these cute sisters of mine!

Bedtime stories...just sit down with the kids and a book, and they'll be your new best friend.

I'll finish with a snapshot of the splendor that is this quiet little valley. We went for a sunset walk one night...definitely a highlight of the whole trip.