Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This blog post is brought to you by the number

as in:

Three Musketeers

Three Blind Mice

Three Mile Island

Three Dog Night

Three Stooges

AND as in the number of kids living in our house by the end of July. That's right! We're expecting baby #3...due July 24.

Monday, January 9, 2012

12 of 12 - December

Oops...trying to get caught up and realized I didn't post my monthly collage for December!

1 - A frozen, foggy, frosty morning out the front door.

2 - Seth is spelling more and more, and I love seeing what he comes up with. Here he's spelling Star Wars: "Stowr Wrs." Before I taught him how to spell Lydia's name, he spelled it "Lideu." :-)

3 - Reading the morning paper over breakfast...the Toys R Us is his favorite section.

4 - Christmas treat-making day. In the middle of making crock pot candied pecans and apple cider caramels. I don't make candy at any other time besides Christmas, and then I go all out!

5 - Lydia and I shopping at Joann's to use my 20% my whole purchase coupon while Seth was at pre-k.

6 - Here's the successful batch of fudge, as opposed to the complete disaster red velvet fudge from earlier. This one was SO soft and delicious!

7 - Cute Lydia taking her favorite sheep for a walk around the house in her stroller. We got her this stroller for her 1st birthday when she was just starting to walk. My how she's grown!!

8 - Our newly-decorated Christmas tree. We got a steal of a deal on an after-Christmas sale last year, so I've waited almost a year to see it for the first time.

9 - Leftover dinner of last night's lemon chicken pasta and all the fixings. Thank you, Giada, for an awesome "everyday pasta."

10 - Ready for bed and ready to unwrap tonight's bedtime Christmas stories. Until I have a better advent idea, I'm going to do this one again!

11 - Finishing up Christmas cards and neighbor/friend gifts. My to-do lists are getting shorter as Christmas gets closer.

12 - Today was the 9th anniversary of my dear Granny's passing. I'd only been married a few short weeks when she died, and I've thought of her almost every day since. She had tons of family history books, and she saved every photo and little homemade card we ever made and put a book together for each of her grandchildren. I took some time to look through mine and remember what a great lady she was.