Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brave little one

Big day today! Bright and early this morning, Lydia and I made a trip to Swedish Medical Center in Seattle to get tubes put in her ears. We've endured 7 months of ear pulling, discomfort, and 6 rounds of different antibiotics to clear up infections, and a myringotomy seemed to be the most promising, long-term solution. The team of doctors and nurses (especially this special person) ensured the utmost confidence that my sweet baby would be cared for and made well again for the short time she was in their care. Here she is in pre-op wearing her stylishly-tiny hospital "dress."
(I'm easily distracted by shoes and shiny, spinny things)

(Still hangin' on to the shoe and my favorite toy Mom brought from home)

(OK now I suspect something's up)

She came out of the anesthesia very well, and I held her until she was fully awake and ready to get dressed and go home. All in all, the whole experience was less than 3 hours (including admitting, waiting, consultations, waiting, procedure, waiting, discharge).

And this was our super happy little sweetheart later in the day. She still plays with her ears a little bit, partly because of the slight discomfort at the incision site and partly because it's a new sensation for her to be unclogged and hearing better than she has in her whole 11 1/2 months of life! Here's looking forward to pain-free ears and a little girl returning to her sweet, happy self!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Make a Pillowcase, Make a Difference

Please join me in the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge! More info over at my other blog.