Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12 of 12 - September

1 - Early morning running date with a good friend and the Cedar River Trail. A great way to start a Monday!

2 - I learned last week what this bug is. What I thought was a giant disgusting mutant mosquito is called a crane fly. They hang out on the outside of our windows and screens all day. The worst they can do to us is eat up our grass when they're in their larvae/worm stage in the ground. That makes them just a little less gross since from tip of front leg to tip of back leg they're about 4". Yuck!

3 - Lydia before haircut.

4 - Lydia after haircut - the first one of her life, and I cannot even get over how cute she is. She walks around touching saying, "Cut! Cut!"

5 - The last of this year's Elberta, aka THE BEST, peaches. I got 2 boxes from the produce market a couple of weeks ago and canned 14 jars. This is what's left just for eating.

6 - Our little goof off. That's his shirt around his waist. His legs are in the arm holes, with his pants over the top. My favorite part of the picture? His little-kid farmer tan.

7 - Our neighbor's sunflowers. These are about 10 feet tall!

8 - Could our tomatoes show the early signs of ripening? I'm afraid it's going to be too little too late. With the high temperatures this week only getting into the 60's, I'll be surprised if any of them get more ripe than this hue of "barely orange."

9 - Last night's bbq chicken is tonight's bbq chicken salad. Make this recipe for homemade bbq sauce, and you'll never go back to the bottled kind!

10 - I've got something in mind for all these Halloween fabrics! Now, the question is whether or not it'll get done for THIS Halloween.

11 - My attempt to take a picture of my new hairdo too, without looking too silly or like I'm trying too hard to take a picture in the mirror. So happy with my haircut!

12 - A lovely sight - piles and piles of freshly-washed and folded laundry soon-to-be tucked away in drawers and closets for another week.