Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We've got a terrific two-year-old!

It's been two weeks since Lydia turned two, but I haven't posted simply because it's been difficult to choose just a few photos from the 200+ ones our talented friends, the Teeples, took for us. Can't thank you enough!

Lydia enjoys looking at animal books, and she always points out the sheep and says "baa!" So, her birthday party was themed around sheep. It was a Monday night, so her friends came over in their jammies. The first thing they did was make and decorate their own sheep art made from their hand print, cotton balls, and all sorts of embellishments.

Turned out cute, right?

Present time! Everyone was so excited for her to open their gift. This is one of my favorite photos captured...little Lydia surrounded by friends and present-opening pandemonium. Fun!

Time for cake. My friend Crystal made this adorable sheep cake, and it not only looked great but tasted delicious too!

I read a few stories to the kiddos and it was time to put all the little partyers to bed.

Thanks, friends, for making our sweetie pie's birthday special!

(Marcie - I couldn't find a picture of Brooklyn, but those are her cute green jammies right by Lydia. I love that she's Lydia's little mommy!)


Other fun things about Lydia now that she's all grown up (at least she thinks so!):

*She comes in our room in the morning with at least 2 books, climbs in next to me and says "ready!" meaning she's ready for me to wake up and entertain her with a little story time.

*Playing with big brother Seth is her favorite thing. She has to do whatever he's doing, which he sometimes welcomes and sometimes tolerates.

*She loves Nursery at church. The first month or so weren't too fun for her, but now she runs into the classroom without even looking back.

*She's sleeping in a big girl bed, the bottom one of the kids' bunk bed.

*Lydia loves brushing her teeth and keeping me company in the bathroom when I'm getting ready. She has to have pretty lotion on every day.

*Potty training isn't too far off. She knows when she needs to be changed, as she finds me wherever I am in the house with a diaper and box of wipes.

*She's a daddy's girl for sure. During sacrament meeting, she'll walk up to the front of the chapel onto the stand and sit on Matt's lap for a couple of minutes. Then wave bye bye, blow him a kiss and come back to our bench. She's beside herself with excitement when he comes home from work.

*She still dislikes being small. Ever since she was born, she's wanted to be an adult. She gets upset when I'm making dinner and can't see what I'm doing on the counter. She'll get a chair herself and slide it into the kitchen to get up close to the action.

*She loves music and dancing. She sings along, does actions and dances to "Popcorn Popping," "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Do As I'm Doing," and the ABC's.

*Her hair is long enough to put in pigtails, but by the end of the day, you'd never know I actually took time to fix her hair.

*She doesn't mind getting dirty. She takes her pb&j apart and smears the pb all over her tray. She loves to dig in the garden dirt and usually comes in with her clothes and hair full of dirt.

*She's fearless, happy, adventurous, fun, cute, smart, mischevious and a sweetheart. We love her!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

12 of 12 - March

It's hard to believe my last post was 12 of 12 for February. I'll do better at posting more often. I've got some pictures and a story to tell from February! Anyway, here's this month's collage:

1 - No matter the time of day, Lydia loves to brush her teeth. I took the kids to the dentist last week, and they both have beautiful pearly whites!
2 - Making spinach salad for brunch.
3 - I thought I'd better take a picture of these cake pops I made for our Relief Society birthday brunch, since it'll be a LONG time before I attempt them again.
4 - Reading before naps with Lydia in her big girl bed.
5 - I don't look forward to clearing out all the moss from our flower beds later this spring, but I sure do love the charteuse-y color!
6 - You can't see it, but Seth closed all the upstairs doors so it was dark and put on his own "shadow puppet" show with tinker toys. I love his imagination!
7 - Happiness is a clean stove (don't ask me about the oven, though).
8 - This is how I felt about the haircut I got the day before.
9 - Forgive another "reading with Lydia" photo, but she's just gotten to the age that she's really understanding books and simple stories and can identify and say names of animals and objects. Seems like she's always running to us with a book to read. Yay!
10 - After the kids were bathed and in bed, I got this hair-brained idea to make a bunch of stuff for Lydia's birthday on Monday (today as I'm posting this!). Finished it last night around 12:30, and I love it...I just wish these ideas didn't come to me in the 11th hour.
11 - Changed our clocks back to daylight savings. One hour less of beauty sleep, so time to hit the sack!
12 - This is out of order, but I'm too lazy to go back and recreate the collage. Even after 1 1/2 years since Halloween 2009, Seth still loves to dress up like Bob the Builder and go "on site."