Friday, November 16, 2012

12 of 12 - November

1 - Peter is getting more animated and talkative, and he was telling me all about his big plans for the, play a little bit, sleep, maybe do a little crying just so you don't forget about me, and repeat.

2 - A view looking down into the living room.  Boxes everywhere!

3 - Same view of the dining room.  The goal this week is to at least get the boxes put into the rooms where they belong.  I'll organize and put stuff away after that.

4 - Seth made his "All About Me" poster since he'll be the featured star student this week in his kindergarten class.  He did it all himself, with only a little help spelling some words.

5 - It's really hard to see, but behind those trees in our backyard is a baseball diamond.  The people built it for their daughter when she was playing softball, and the neighbors say they like the kids to come over and play in the summer.

6 - Lots of leaves to rake from our giant maple tree.  I actually like to rake leaves, but after raking these the next day, we may have to rethink the future of that bad boy.

7 - Mr. Super Happy!  He seldom smiles when I get out the camera, probably because he wonders why Mom's face disappears behind that strange black thing.  I made a fool of myself to get him to crack a big smile while I snapped the picture.  It was worth it.

8 - Veteran's Day was yesterday, but since that was Sunday, today was the observed holiday.  No school for the kids, and I love any excuse to put out our flag.  Thanks to all of the veterans who fought, and continue to fight, for the blessings we have of freedom.

9 - Lydia wanted to wear her crown and tutu to Target.  Who am I to say no?

10 - Here's the after shot of the living room.  Not bad for a day's work.  All of the food storage boxes are now in their rightful home in the garage.

11 - Dinner is spaghetti, roasted acorn squash (my current favorite veggie to make and eat), and bread.

12 - Feeding Peter before bed, I have a few moments to see what's new on Pinterest on my phone.