Thursday, June 16, 2011

12 of 12 - June

What a week! Things are starting to get back to normal, and the sun is out, so we're a happy household.

1 - Starting out the day right and keeping up with the 30-day Book of Mormon challenge.

2 - All ready for church!

3 - I'm getting impatient to see my peonies open up...they're almost there!

4 - It's kind of dark in this picture, but in Nursery, all the kids had a note taped to them that said "I WILL OBEY". Lydia wouldn't let me take it out of her hands before naptime.

5 - A little post-nap Lego time.

6 - Just give Lydia a wipe or two and she'll entertain herself indefinitely...and the house will be clean too!

7 - Working on some quilted notecards. I don't usually like to do much or any sewing on Sundays, but I gotta get these things done!

8 - A well-deserved catnap for Matt after being at church for almost 9 hours.

9 - The pease are pretty much the only thing in the garden that's taller than 6".

10 - Woody literally hanging out on my sewing machine cover.

11 - Orange honey glazed chicken on the grill for dinner.

12 - Seth's artwork. He put this puzzle together in Sharing Time, showing how his coloring method is to color one thing in all the way before moving on to the next.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun at preschool

Last month, Seth's preschool class went to Gene Coulon Park for a "Wetland Walk" where they explore the vegetation and animals along the trail. Lydia and I got to go too, and it was a perfect day to be outdoors!

What's down there?


Lydia does whatever big brother's doing.


Perfectly calm water at the Renton sailing club.


We didn't see much wildlife other than some seagulls and this little guy sunning himself on a rock.


The whole gang!


Then, the Friday before Mother's Day, I had a special day with my little guy at the preschool Mother's Tea.

We decorated cupcakes together.


We made crafts and a ladybug hat for Seth, and Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Richards told a story about, what else, mommies.