Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Need an excuse to get away?

To anyone who lives in, or who will BE in, Utah at the end of June, here's a happy reason to take a little road trip. Ever hear of a little town called Loa? Well, it's just about the cutest little mountain-farming town you'll ever visit. And on Saturday, June 25, there's this to check out:

You can read around the outside of the flyer about all the wonderful goods that will be on display for sale. And, my mom and I are teaming up as one of the vendors! Sadly, I won't be there for it, but stop by and say hello to Mom, aka Marsha, at our booth. Just look for this:

And, lest you think that's all there is to do, here's a link to what you'll find for activities, recreation, lodging and other cool stuff in the area.

So, stop by, stay for the weekend, or maybe continue on to nearby Moab, Bryce Canyon or even Lake Powell. Wanna get away? Here's your chance!

Friday, May 13, 2011

12 fo 12 - May

1 - Banana pancakes for breakfast. My giant pizza cutter makes quick work of cutting them up!

2 - My Mother's Day roses are in full bloom!

3 - OK we're a little bit white trash, but the funniest part of this isn't that Lydia's running around with just her diaper, but check out where she's wearing the safety goggles.

4 - Making something cute for an upcoming baby shower.

5 - Music time at the church. Here are all the kids sitting on a parachute while the moms hold on to the handles and drag them around the gym.

6 - Finally cherry blossoms on our tree!

7 - Ironing day.

8 - A few minutes to enjoy my new read.

9 - Friends Addie and Simon came over to play. Lydia kept tabs on Simon and loved playing with him, but mostly I think she liked not being the youngest.

10 - Matt trying to catch up on the day's news, but the kids make it difficult to do. He doesn't look too upset though.

11 - The last of our tulips.

12 - Kids in bed (yay!), Matt back at work (boo!), and so another date with my cutting board and sewing machine. I'll do a seperate post about what I'm working on.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The longest Easter

This year, our Easter celebrations stretched out over 2 weeks! On the 15th, Seth's preschool had an Easter party before they were off for Spring Break. There was an egg hunt, Easter crafts, and of course, treats too.

Our friend Addie had her birthday party the Friday before Easter at the park, and there was an egg hung, bunny hop races, a craft and more treats. Yay for parties!

At our house, we like to do the Easter basket/bunny stuff and egg hunt on Saturday, and luckily, it was a beautiful day. Matt hid some eggs in the front yard (since there are more places to hide eggs than in the back!), and they went to town and each made a haul.

They always get jammies on Christmas Eve, so I put summer jammies in their Easter baskets. Aren't they cute all squeaky clean?

At church, the ward Easter party was a brunch on the Saturday after Easter since that's when it's our turn to have use of the building. The rain managed to hold off long enough for a fun egg hunt after filling up on delicious breakfast goodies.

And finally, here are the little cuties dressed up in their Easter duds. I made the dress for Lydia last year knowing it would be too big and that it would be just about right for an Easter dress. I finally learned how to tie a bow tie, so this is the first of many non clip-on ties I made one for Seth. Lydia's got the "cheeeese!" down pretty well, don't you think?

Hope you had a happy Easter too!