Thursday, June 14, 2012

Springtime on the farm

We found a perfect spring day to visit Brother Call's farm.  It's only a quick 30-minute drive, but it feels like we're in a whole different world out there.  The surrounding farms are lush and beautiful, and Mt. Rainier is close enough to touch.  He put them to work by planting squash.  He dug the hole while they dropped in the seeds.  Not sure how much "help" they were, but they were eager to work on a real farm.

Here's the part they really love to come for...such city kids!

Here's a progression of Lydia trying out raw rhubarb.  Check out the pucker on her face after she tastes it!


If we can't have our Grandpas close by, we're sure lucky to have a special guy who loves these cuties as if they were his own.  What do Grandpas do best besides give tractor rides and have a pocket full of candy at church??

Preschool Graduation

I'm working backwards to get caught up, so the most recent event was Seth's preschool graduation.  I didn't get many good photos of the whole group since it was in a dim church, but it was so cute to see all of them singing the songs they learned in class all year.  Here he is all ready for it to start!

Each child in all of the classes had their name read, and they came forward to receive their certificate and a beautiful scrapbook with parent-made pages put together by the teachers.  Seth still loves to get it out and look at it.

Seth has really loved his time in preschool.  I'm sad that the teachers retired their business at the end of this year, so our other kids won't get to attend, but I'm thankful for such a great experience, caring teachers, and the preparation he's been given to head into kindergarten.  Thank you, Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Richards!

12 of 12 - June

1 - I don't usually take the kids with me to a doctor appointment, but they were really good as they sat and read Dr. Seuss books.  They loved hearing the baby's heartbeat too.

2 - Before we came home from the doctor, we stopped at the library.  I just love how the computer ear phones make Lydia's cheeks chunk out.

3 - One of my new favorite books "The Hundred Dresses."  We're doing a Relief Society activity based on the book and hope to collect as close to 100 dresses as we can for the local clothing bank.

4 - The new patio is in!  There's a little cleanup around the outside that needs to be done, and I'm already planning on where to put the furniture and the pots of flowers I want to plant.

5 - Going gourmet for lunch - mac n' cheese and nectarines.

6 - Sadly peony season isn't too long, so here are some of the last beauties in full bloom.

7 - But right behind the peonies are the lilies just starting to come out!

8 - This is kind of hit and miss.  She only takes a nap about every other day or every 2 days.  Makes for a happier little girl in the afternoon.

9 - Seth gets a little time in the afternoon to play some PBS games on the computer...such intense concentration!

10 - I made these freezer enchiladas, some to eat tonight and others to eat after baby's born when I don't have time to make dinner.

11 - I already mentioned how I don't like my picture taken when I'm pregnant, but here's a shadow profile at 34 weeks along during a brief period of sun coming in the kitchen window.

12 - For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to pin together a scrap quilt I'm working on.  My back was hating me later, but it's nice that it's all put together and ready to quilt on my machine.