Friday, February 27, 2009

Wants and Needs

I saw this on a friend's blog and decided to have a little mindless fun. If you want to do it too: Go to Google, type your first name followed by needs (for example, I typed "Jen needs") and then list the first 10 hits you get. Do the same for wants ("Jen wants"). Here's what I got (you can probably tell from many of these exactly who the "Jen" is that it's talking about) followed by commentary by yours truly.

  1. Jen wants a Manhattan man. (no thanks, already got a man)
  2. Jen wants a beauty deal.
  3. Jen wants her own TV show. (what would I call it?)
  4. Jen wants to be.
  5. Jen wants Brad to bring home his skirt.
  6. Jen wants more surgery.
  7. Jen wants John to keep his mouth shut. (any Johns out there, don't take this personally)
  8. Jen wants to hurry up. (funny...hurry up is probably what I say the most around the house)
  9. Jen wants you to mind your own business.
  10. Jen wants a chance to dance.


  1. Jen needs a session or two with a therapist.
  2. Jen needs a muzzle. (Matt would probably agree sometimes)
  3. Jen needs a break.
  4. Jen needs to find a self righteous, conspicuous "I'm better than you" charitable position so she can keep charming the sheep into thinking she matters. (what???)
  5. Jen needs human anatomy lessons. (for what?)
  6. Jen needs a tech makeover.
  7. Jen needs your support.
  8. Jen needs you.
  9. Jen needs a new job.
  10. Jen needs a smack daddy. (am I naiive if I don't know what this is?)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

So Long, Old Friend

Regretfully, I had to say goodbye this weekend to a long-time close friend. She didn't have a name, but she was very important to me...she kept me company on road trips, carried all my stuff and kept my child warm and safe and dry. Here she is:

We first met almost 11 years ago when she was brand new. I was taken by her style, and the new car smell was positively intoxicating. Making this purchase meant I had arrived! I was an independent woman with my own money and my own agenda, and I negotiated it all by myself! Actually, I didn't haggle much...I'm sure the salesman saw the stars in my eyes and knew he had me at hello.

Now, 140,000+ miles later, she came down with a sudden and severe case of engine-itis. That's right, the rest of her organs worked perfectly fine, but her ticker finally gave up the ghost. I visited her at the shop to check on her and told her she would pull through, but in the end, the capable hands working on her had done all they could do. She needed a new engine, and we just couldn't afford it. We decided to donate her organs (i.e. sell her to a salvage yard), but we found someone to buy her from us and fix her up like new. I hope she'll bring many years and miles of happiness to someone else.

So, now what to do? We really did need a larger, more practical vehicle without surrendering my membership to the one-member club I coined MAMs (Moms Against Minivans). Lots of people I know have the Mom-mobile and love them and swear I would love it too. I was so torn! In the end, I said adios to my vanity and we drove home in a shiny, and pretty sporty minivan (can you use "sporty" and "minivan" in the same sentence?). It is a TIGHT SQUEEZE getting it in our garage, so I have to say I'm glad for the automatic sliding doors instead of ones that open out. The combination of the interior features and the sensation of riding up higher does make me feel like a rockstar at times.

Matt, I just have to say is my hero. He is THE person to have with you when you buy a car. When I would have long ago stopped negotiating a price, he kept at it, and it was like we were on the game show "Deal or No Deal". When we got ready to go, the manager said "Just a minute!" and ran upstairs to talk to their used car buyer. An hour later, Matt had talked them into an awesome deal for us. He is immune to car dealers' rehearsed lines like:

  • Believe me, if I could come down on the price, I would because I want you to have this car.
  • We're not making money off this sale - we're actually losing money!
  • You were meant to have this car.
  • This is such a great deal that if you wait and come back, it may be gone.

Has anyone heard these before? Anyway, I'm warming up to the idea that I'm now a Minivan Mom, not that there's anything wrong with that! Matt made me chuckle when he reassured me that in 10 years or so, our kids will think it's lame that we drive a minivan and we can go back to driving something "cool." In the meantime, I'm queen of the road with my family, and I feel pretty cool about that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ankles, Where Are You?

So how do you like my lovely "cankles"? I thought I would escape this fate with this pregnancy, but they showed up a couple of weeks ago. Luckily it's not the middle of summer like when I was carrying Seth, but I've now resorted to mainly wearing two pair of my shoes so I don't ruin them all by stretching them out. Just a little over a month from now we'll be welcoming Baby home and welcoming back my ankle bones. Other things I'm looking forward to around the same time:
  • Climbing a flight of stairs without being winded.
  • Losing one of my chins.
  • Eating a meal and not wondering if I'll need to pop some Tums in an hour.
  • Sleeping on my stomach.
  • Being able to bend over and tie my shoes without groaning.
  • Being able to tie my shoes!
  • Wearing my wedding ring.

Of course there are always things to enjoy about being pregnant:

Thick hair!
"Enjoy it now," I tell myself. It will fall out in a few months!

Luxurious fingernails!

This is one week's growth - thanks, prenatal vitamins! Not very practical for typing or playing the piano, but they're fun to have for a little bit.

Lest this post seem overly vain and all about me me me, I will miss a very special part of being pregnant. This baby girl is an active little squirt, and she reminds me of her presence all day long. She nudges me just under my ribs on my right side like she's saying "Hey, Mom! Don't forget about me. I'm as excited as you are for me to come out and play!"

It's like a game of hide and seek. I can't wait for her to say "Ready or not! Here I come!"