Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year!

From our family to yours, we hope 2011 brings joy, success and choice blessings to all our friends and family.
Matt, Jen, Seth and Lydia

Christmas wrap-up

Tonight's the night I'm finally catching up and putting a few photos of a fun, relaxing Christmas. We drove over to my sister's house in Cheney (near Spokane), and Mom and Dad drove up from Utah. It's fun to get away and just play games, watch movies, eat the best food, and all that good stuff!

My niece Amanda spent all day making not one, but two, buche de Noel cakes complete with little woodland mushroom meringues in honor of Matt's and my nephew's birthdays, both on Christmas Eve:

Early Christmas morning before the mayhem:

Cute little Lydia taking a milk break:

Isn't that the sweetest flower headband? Matt says it looks like a satellite dish on her head. He's kind of right, but it just adds to her cuteness.

Seth was happily satisfied with a remote control dump truck from Santa, as evidenced by his unnaturally cheesey poser smile:

All this Christmas stuff is hard work:

My nephew Brigham is the jungle gym cousin:

The kids L-O-V-E ganging up on him and piling on!

The day we left the snow came down big time:

That stuff was awesome! So different than the snow we had here at home a month earlier. Ever try to make a snowman out of powdered sugar? That's what it was like, so we were excited to make a decent snowman and get in some good runs down the hill. Happy White Christmas (4 days late)!

Preschool Christmas Program, and Santa Story Continued

After the Santa fiasco and with bellies full of Wendy's goodness, we attended Seth's preschool Christmas program. I didn't get many photos because I was video taping a bunch of it, but here he is sitting by his friend Sophie before the program.

They all sang so enthusiastically, and their performance was rewarded with cookies and punch afterward.

So, the dramatic conclusion to our Santa Story 2010:

Lydia: That was great, but somehow this cookie looks and tastes like a bribe.

Seth: I'll be signing autographs outside.


Lydia: OK, the cookie was a bribe. Seriously? Mom, were you there at the last visit with Santa?

Seth: I'm getting a pep talk from my teacher, Mrs. Richards.


Lydia: Sure you're a nice lady, but not even you can get me to do it.

Seth: Deep breath, deep breath. I'm next.


Lydia: OK not so bad now. I'm back with Mom, and they gave me a candy cane. I'm over it.

Seth: I'm not sitting on his lap, but Mrs. Richards talked me into telling Santa I want a remote control rocketship for Christmas (Good luck with that one, Santa.). He's not so bad.


Lydia and Seth: Yay we did it! Well, sort of. Merry Christmas!


The End

2010 Santa Story

In keeping with last year's Santa post, another narration for you to enjoy:

Lydia: I'm feeling a little suspicious about this. I recognize the house behind us...and not in a good way.
Seth: Yay! We're here to see Santa! I've been waiting for this all day!

Lydia: Aha! I was right! I've been here before, and I still don't like it!
Seth: I got to the door and refused to go in. Santa's looking at me in a weird way.

Lydia: No no! I mean it this time!
Seth: Dad, do you feel my death grip around your neck? That should tell you something.

Lydia: Ack! He's touching me! Mom, is this funny to you? Is it?
Seth: OK, Dad, I think I'll try it.

Lydia: I'm outta here.
Seth: No no wait, I changed my mind! AAAaaahhh!!!

Lydia: I'm traumatized and now for sure you can't get me to smile after that.
Seth: I'm smiling a little bit less than the first picture, but I'm still happy because I know we're going to Wendy's for chicken nuggets right now.
To be continued...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

12 of 12 - January

I know I have Christmas blogging to catch up on, but first I'm excited to start a project called 12 of 12. My friend Kelsie heard about it here, and she did it last year. Basically, on the 12th of each month, take 12 photos to document your day. I didn't think I had enough going on in my life during a typical day to document it (or the photography skills to do any of it justice), but the more I thought about it, the more I realized the comforting familiarity that comes when I look back on a typical, albeit non-extradordinary day. From time to time, I go back and read random journal entries from days and years past, and I'm transported back to my life at that time. It's fun and eye-opening. So, here goes...the first entry of my own 12 of 12.

1 - We woke up to snow this morning. It was changing to rain and by 1:00, the white stuff was gone.
2 - Seth and Lydia "helping" me make French toast. They're best buds.
3 - Got in my 30-Day Shred workout today.
4 - I FINALLY organized my craft closet. I know, you're thinking "Really? That's organized?" Believe me, this was Craft Central, Santa's Workshop and Gift-Wrapping Headquarters all stuffed into 6 chaotic feet of shelves. Good thing there are doors to hide it all. Now it's pretty, and everything is in its place!
5 - Shenanigans at lunch time.
6 - This is my 2nd of 3 of these bad boys filled with water...I drink them every day.
7 - Had a little down time during naps to start in on a new book.
8 - We love going to the library!
9 - Bath time hair scuplting with Lydia.
10 - Seth gave Matt "permission" to clean up all the toys while he was in the bathtub.
11 - Story time with our new library books before bed. Ack! I thought I looked youthful and natural without makeup. Looks like those days may very well be in the past.
12 - Writing my weekly Wednesday post over at Praiseworthy.