Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trigger Happy

I've probably taken over 100 photos in the last month, hence the title of today's blog. Most of the photos are random and unrelated to each other. Seth loves to smile and show off his teeth (Matt calls them "rat teeth"). The other day he was playing with his toys in the family room while I was fixing lunch, and suddenly I heard my exercise tape playing. He pulled himself up from lying on the floor to standing. He's a bit of a late bloomer, but he's growing and healthy - and it could have something to do with him landing in the 10th percentile for height and 90th percentile for head size!

Drop and give me 10! Seth loves to get up on his hands and tippee toes. An impressive yoga plank pose!

"Seth and the Giant Zucchini" - sequel to "James and the Giant Peach". This is one of the "vegetables of our labors" this summer.

Our little guy turned one on September 26th. He only had one nap that day so was sleepy during dinner. We sang a fast-forward "Happy Birthday" and he devoured handfuls of his Superman cupcake while fighting to keep his eyes open. After a warm bath, new jammies and a bedtime book, he was out for the night. What could be better? We had a birthday party at the park the following Saturday for him and his friend Adalyn who was born the day after he was. Thank you Carrie for the beautiful photos that captured the best moments! My friend Rosario made the cute cake.

His new toy bus - Our toy bin runneth over!

This is my favorite photo from his birthday party. At first it looks like Seth is crying, but we're actually sharing a good laugh. It is funny, intimate, tender and it shows Mom really soaking in the moment with her little boy.


Tara and Jon said...

He's such a strong little boy! I can't believe he can hold a plank like that!! I'm impressed!

Agnes Minerva said...

Great photos, Jen! I, too, love the yoga pose :) So fabulous!