Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas fun!

Christmas this year was in Utah, and what a whirlwind tour we had! We traveled to Summit and Parowan first to visit Matt's grandparents and introduce them for the first time to Seth. They thought he was pretty OK! We went to a Christmas party at the church in Summit and here is Seth's first encounter with Santa.

Most times he'll happily go to just about anyone. On the plane ride, the flight attendant took him to the back of the plane and walked up and down the aisles without a peep. But put him on the lap of a scary red guy with white a fluffy, white beard and he loses it. Maybe he'll warm up to the big guy later.

I like this little picture of Seth sitting in a cute wooden high chair that's been used by his Grandma Diane and just about everyone else in the family.

Here are other random photos during the rest of our stay with my parents in Loa.

No peeking!

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rowdystroudy said...

That picture with Santa cracked me up!!