Sunday, March 30, 2008

What day is it?

That's right. It's March 30, and we woke up to snow this morning! It's not that common to have snow here in the winter, maybe 2 or 3 times, let alone this late in the season!! Our poor daffodils' heads were drooping, but by the time we came home from church it had all melted, and the only evidence of a snow storm was a half-melted snowman at the neighbors'.

So much for getting a head start on the garden!

While I was out snapping a few photos this morning, Seth was creating his own natural disaster with the plastic wrap. He's figured out how to get the roll out of the box, and before long he found himself in the middle of about 10 feet of crinkly, clear plastic that stuck to his hands, shoes and itself.

Today was his first day in Nursery at church since he turned 18 months last week. He was more ready to go than dad was ready to let him go. He was happy playing and snacking with the other kids, and was sufficiently worn out so that he didn't even make it home before crashing for his nap.

I didn't post Easter photos last week, so here are a few. We went to a fun Easter egg hunt and party on Saturday at the park up the street. Luckily the weather held out for a nice day.

Much to Matt's disapproval, this is a must to share. We borrowed these ears from Seth's friend Sophia, and my quick finger on the camera trigger caught this on film during the entire 2 seconds he allowed them to be on his head.

He loves to go down the slide! This was one of the few times he went down feet first. Our little dare devil likes to dive head first. Oh to be young and fearless again!


Laura said...

Seth is in Nursery now?! I don't think I'm ready to let him go either. I'll miss seeing him in class.

Silly Little White Girls said...

I love that you have daffodils--we only have green leaves, so far, and it keeps snowing on them! Hopefully it will warm up enough so they can bloom, some day!

I wish I had a great camera to tell you about, but it's just a three year-old Cannon PowerShot. We've been happy with it, except that it has a pretty big delay when I press the button to take a picture. I usually miss the "moment" I want, and get the shot a couple seconds later. I think our action shots work out because they're usually outside, where it's bright. Sorry I'm not very much help here! But I love that picture of Seth coming down the slide with a big smile on his face--so cute.

Cortney said...

I was so upset about that snow! :)