Monday, May 5, 2008

A Free Moment

As we speak, my students are taking their midterm, so I get to sit back and take advantage of some quiet time. So, what better opportunity than this to send a hello out to everyone.
Once again, we have the Teeples to thank for this batch of photos. We had a birthday picnic dinner at the park up the street, and what fun! It sure gets chilly right when the sun dips behind the trees, but that didn't stop the little whipper snappers from playing their hearts out, despite cold finger tips, runny noses and rosy cheeks. We enjoy Seth more every day! Thanks, Cortney and Jason, for sharing your certainly know how to capture the perfect moment!

You can almost hear the squeals of delight coming from that cute little slobbery mouth!

Taking a break to re-energize via one of Jenni's deliciously adorable cupcakes from Mom. There's always time for dessert!

One of my most favorite expressions from our little guy. He loves to point and say "ook!" (look!). Oh to have the same excitement and wonder again over a new discovery.

This usually happens when it's time to leave. We wrestle him into the stroller, tears are shed, we're promptly forgiven for calling it quits at the park, and we enjoy a leisurely walk back home, only to repeat it all over again another day. :-)

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Silly Little White Girls said...

I really love the photos--so cute!