Monday, July 21, 2008

Spare Time

Ever have one of those weekends when all you do is stuff you WANT to do??? When you actually have spare time?? Saturday is usually chore day (Everyone sing along: "Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday..."), but this past weekend was a little different from our norm.

First, Friday night we went to the annual Bite of Seattle and experienced Seattle dining at its finest. If you haven't been before, the whole area around the Seattle Center is lined with restaurant vendors where you can get a good meal for 6 bucks or less - admission is FREE. We chowed on salmon ceasar salad, Australian road kill pita (BBQ steak & veggies), hot dog for Seth (he wasn't feeling too adventurous), followed by a fresh yummy strawberry shortcake. There were 4 different stages with all kinds of bands performing...a relaxed, festive atmosphere that was mucho fun! The only photo I took that night was this one because I was strangely fascinated by how this vendor was smoking the salmon. They were one of the people's choice winners of the night.

So, back to Saturday. Matt usually mows the lawn on Saturdays, but it hasn't rained enough for it to grow much. The house was still clean (well, presentable at least) from when I scrubbed and vacuumed last week. The laundry was in the what do we do when there's nothing we HAVE to do?? Go to the beach! We hopped in the car and drove to Alki beach for the afternoon. It wasn't too hot, but warm enough that the chilly water was pleasantly refreshing.
We played in the sand, attempted to catch some speedy little crabs in the sand bucket (no success), found shells and sea glass, and watched three big luxury cruise ships sail out to sea. The only thing we could have used that we didn't have is a kite! Gotta save something for next time. It's nice to have a trimmed lawn, a spic-and-span house, a weed-free garden and freshly-ironed clothes. But what is more important than seeing pure delight and utter fascination in your child's face? We can't wait for another spontaneous escape!
Although it looks like Seth is getting too much sun, I'm happy to report that (thanks to SPF 45) we all arrived back home as burn-free and pastey white as we were when we left.

"Maybe I can use my foot like a shovel - it's a great scooper!"


rowdystroudy said...

wait, you went to bite of seattle and didn't invite ME? Some friend you are! :)
alki beach rocks!

theamazingjohnsons said...

I have never heard of Bite of Seattle before, but it sounds wonderful. I will have to remember that for next year.