Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seth's Successful Santa Session

Friday night we bundled up in our rain gear to visit the Santa House in downtown Renton. It was nice because unlike mall Santas (which I steer clear of anyway), you can either feel free to take your own photos, or there is a photographer there and you can download your photos for FREE! Anyway, I guess no one else wanted to be out in the weather because we were the only ones there and could walk right in. Seth wasn't too sure about this guy, but it was nice and quiet and we weren't being rushed by people waiting behind us. Eventually, he saw that the big guy was OK and agreed to sit on his lap.

So, compared to last year's visit Santa...

...this year was a happier experience!
My friend/distant-second-cousin-twice-removed-in-law (?) Jessica wrote a post I just love about the goodness of Santa. I, for one, figure that as long as I teach my children why we really have Christmas and they understand that, the magic of Santa is too fun to ignore. So, if you agree, check out her argument for Santa post. If you don't agree, I recommend you read it anyway to see another point of view.


The Gee Family said...

These pics are a hillarious comparison! It's amazing what a year can do in a childs life. Seth looks so much happier with Santa this year ha ha!!!! How is everything? Are you doing well Jen. What are your Christmas plans this year? Thanks for the link on your blog about Santa, I really enjoyed reading it. It helped me to remember he is 'real' and I do believe in him. Hope all is well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We love you lots!!!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad Seth had a good experience. He is getting so big! And is cute as ever!

I leave for CA tomorrow. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Maybe it will stay white! Hopefully we will see you sson after the new year.

Laura said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about the Santa thing - that's so cool. Seth's picture is so cute. And last year's pic - hilarious!!