Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ankles, Where Are You?

So how do you like my lovely "cankles"? I thought I would escape this fate with this pregnancy, but they showed up a couple of weeks ago. Luckily it's not the middle of summer like when I was carrying Seth, but I've now resorted to mainly wearing two pair of my shoes so I don't ruin them all by stretching them out. Just a little over a month from now we'll be welcoming Baby home and welcoming back my ankle bones. Other things I'm looking forward to around the same time:
  • Climbing a flight of stairs without being winded.
  • Losing one of my chins.
  • Eating a meal and not wondering if I'll need to pop some Tums in an hour.
  • Sleeping on my stomach.
  • Being able to bend over and tie my shoes without groaning.
  • Being able to tie my shoes!
  • Wearing my wedding ring.

Of course there are always things to enjoy about being pregnant:

Thick hair!
"Enjoy it now," I tell myself. It will fall out in a few months!

Luxurious fingernails!

This is one week's growth - thanks, prenatal vitamins! Not very practical for typing or playing the piano, but they're fun to have for a little bit.

Lest this post seem overly vain and all about me me me, I will miss a very special part of being pregnant. This baby girl is an active little squirt, and she reminds me of her presence all day long. She nudges me just under my ribs on my right side like she's saying "Hey, Mom! Don't forget about me. I'm as excited as you are for me to come out and play!"

It's like a game of hide and seek. I can't wait for her to say "Ready or not! Here I come!"


Jas and Kim said...

At this point in the pregnancy it seems like everything goes down hill. Getting winded just walking and not being able to actually see your toes really stinks, but like you said, it will all be over next month! I can't believe it, and we are so excited to see this little bundle of joy! I'm jealous of the hair! :)

Cortney said...

Oh, Jen, you are going to have the most beautiful little girl, and then it will all be worth it! I promise! You are one of the most graceful pregnant women I know--even if you don't feel like it!

The Gee Family said...

Jen- Oh how this reminds me of the good ole days of my pregnancies. I do not miss that part of it one bit! Your hair and nails are gorgeous, I'm super jealous! It's hard to believe you only have a little over a month left, I'm sure you can though! We can't wait to see this cute little girl. Keep us posted on everything. Love ya lots!