Sunday, July 19, 2009

In a hurry to grow up!

Lydia is a busy girl. When we put her in the bouncy seat or the car seat, she pulls her head up so she can look around. She has simply got to know what's going on and doesn't want to miss any of it! She's 4 months going on 4 years! She was pretty darn happy - and cute too - sitting like a big girl in the high chair.

What will happen when she's 10?
"Mom, can I wear makeup?"
"Dad, can I take the car out for a spin?"
"I'm thinking of getting my college applications in early."

hee hee (that's my nervous laughter) Better to just enjoy our little sweetie right now in this moment - she just may be the cutest little girl EVER!


Kelsie said...

I can't believe she's four months already! The time really does go by so fast ... everyone tells me my girls will be teenagers before I know it.

(And I love your quilts, by the way.)

Aaron said...

Mom can I go out with the Ethan the star football qb! Ohh matt what are you going to do?