Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 Santa story

For your reading pleasure, a narration of last night's Santa experience:

Lydia: I'm not so sure about this, but I don't think I like it. And why on earth am I wearing so many stripes??
Seth: I practiced all day what I would say to Santa, and now all I can do is stand here with my hand in my mouth.


Lydia: Oh, wow. Mom's making a fool of herself off to the side so I'll stop crying.
Seth: Same as last photo.
Lydia: Wow, Mom's still at it. I don't think I've ever seen her jump up and down, clap her hands and whistle all at the same time.
Seth: Now I have a candy cane, but I can't make myself look at Santa yet.
Lydia: OK, if Mom's over there, who's holding me?
Seth: I'm contemplating talking to Santa. Should I or shouldn't I?

Lydia: OK, nice try distracting me, Mom. Get me away from this guy!
Seth: Boy, this candy cane sure looks good. OK here's the plan. Just before we walk out the door, I'll tell Santa thank you for the candy cane and that I want a red fire truck for Christmas. Whew!

The End


Kelsie said...

Our three year olds did the exact same thing--they were excited about the idea of seeing Santa but when it came right down to it, they wouldn't even look at him--let alone talk to him. Maybe next year ... :)

Jas and Kim said...

So funny and typical of kids that age! Love it!!

Kight Family said...

Absolutely love it!!!!!!

Ryker had his encounter with Santa on Friday and he almost burst a blood vessel. I have never seen his face that red before. I think everyone in the ward got a great laugh though!!!

John and Allison said...

We love the pictures, especially the narration! We also love the video of seth singing "Ba Ba black sheep" Miss you guys! Hope you have a good Christmas!

V and Co. said...

it was awesome meeting you too! next time tell your mom to give me a call when you are in town and we can chat for a longer period of time!!! ;) -V