Monday, March 14, 2011

12 of 12 - March

It's hard to believe my last post was 12 of 12 for February. I'll do better at posting more often. I've got some pictures and a story to tell from February! Anyway, here's this month's collage:

1 - No matter the time of day, Lydia loves to brush her teeth. I took the kids to the dentist last week, and they both have beautiful pearly whites!
2 - Making spinach salad for brunch.
3 - I thought I'd better take a picture of these cake pops I made for our Relief Society birthday brunch, since it'll be a LONG time before I attempt them again.
4 - Reading before naps with Lydia in her big girl bed.
5 - I don't look forward to clearing out all the moss from our flower beds later this spring, but I sure do love the charteuse-y color!
6 - You can't see it, but Seth closed all the upstairs doors so it was dark and put on his own "shadow puppet" show with tinker toys. I love his imagination!
7 - Happiness is a clean stove (don't ask me about the oven, though).
8 - This is how I felt about the haircut I got the day before.
9 - Forgive another "reading with Lydia" photo, but she's just gotten to the age that she's really understanding books and simple stories and can identify and say names of animals and objects. Seems like she's always running to us with a book to read. Yay!
10 - After the kids were bathed and in bed, I got this hair-brained idea to make a bunch of stuff for Lydia's birthday on Monday (today as I'm posting this!). Finished it last night around 12:30, and I love it...I just wish these ideas didn't come to me in the 11th hour.
11 - Changed our clocks back to daylight savings. One hour less of beauty sleep, so time to hit the sack!
12 - This is out of order, but I'm too lazy to go back and recreate the collage. Even after 1 1/2 years since Halloween 2009, Seth still loves to dress up like Bob the Builder and go "on site."

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cardonfam7 said...

What's with the bag??? I want to see the real deal! You are funny.