Monday, August 13, 2012

12 of 12 - August

1 - Good morning, little Peter!  He's starting to see more things, and something to the side of him was capturing his attention, no matter how many times I turned his head toward the camera.

2 - Seth loves to draw, and this is a picture of me.  Yep, that's Matt off to the side, watching the gold medal men's basketball game.

3 - I've said "no" enough times to making pancakes for breakfast, so today it was "yes!"  Here's my little helper getting ready to help flip the first Mickey pancake.

4 - I had a few free moments to make a couple of quilting passes on my latest project.  I'm starting to have second thoughts about quilting a 2" diamond grid all over the whole thing.  Too late now...I'm committed!

5 - While waiting to go to church, Seth wrote down the words to "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."  Boy, this kid is ready for school!

6 - It was mine and Peter's first day at church since he was born, and we just stayed for Sacrament Meeting before coming home to rest.  He loves sleeping in his bouncy seat, and I checked in on him to capture his tiny fingers flashing some baby gang signs.

7 - Dinner tonight was t-bone steaks, new potatoes, corn on the cob, and a little pile of beans and squash from our garden...all cooked on the grill.  It's too hot to turn on the stove!

8 - 82 degrees INSIDE the house.  The dog days of summer are here, and those of us without A/C are feeling it!  It just means we spend more time outside on the patio.  We'll be missing these days come February!

9 - Time for bed, and Seth read us all a story.

10 - I promise I looked cuter earlier in the day before church, but I didn't think about taking a picture then.  This is after the make-up is off, and the hair is pulled back.  But the other kids were in bed, Matt was at a church meeting, and I wanted a picture of me and my little guy together.

11 - Watching the Olympics closing ceremony.  Some parts were pretty bizarre, but I did like the celebratory feeling, and the appearance by the Pet Shop Boys.  Took me back to 1984!

12 - 10:00 at night and he's ready to play.  This is the first time I've put his toys on the bouncy seat, and you can tell by his big eyes that it's quite the attraction.

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Falisha said...

Congratulations on your new baby boy!! And I am so happy I get to share a birhtday with him!! Maybe someday we can have a party together!