Thursday, March 14, 2013

12 of 12 - March 2013

1 - It's hard to see, but these are three new little trees we purchased and planted in our backyard last Saturday.  The one in the foreground is an apple tree with five different varieties on one tree, the middle one is a cherry, and the far one is a Jonagold apple tree.  We can't wait to watch them grow!

2 - Seth catches the bus at 11:30, so sometimes it sneaks up on me.  It seems like they just barely ate breakfast before it's time to get to the bus stop.  Today it was "eat on the go," Seth and Lydia taking turns biting a big, juicy apple.

3 - Here's Peter showing off his cute little bottom teeth during lunch.  I think he's working on the top ones, but they haven't poked through yet.  He's just starting to get the idea of feeding himself.  That's a milestone I've always looked forward to with my babies.  Then they can entertain/pacify themselves in the high chair while I'm getting the meal ready.

4 - It looks like Lydia's playing with bread dough, but it's actually play dough.  I made 3 big batches so that all 17 kids in Seth's kindergarten class could have 1 cup of it to make it into volcanoes for their science unit this week.  I forget how much I like homemade play dough.  The smell of store-bought Play-doh is gross to me, so now maybe I'll make a bunch in some different colors and get rid of the stinky stuff.

5 - This is Peter's sexy pose.  It's actually his I'm-resting-because-crawling-on-my-hands-and-knees-wears-me-out pose.  He gets around really well by rolling around and army crawling, but now he's starting to get up on his knees.

6 - Lydia:  "Come here, Peter.  I'm almost 4, so that means I'm big enough to pick you up, no matter what Mom says." 
Peter:  "Mom, put down the camera and help me."

7 - I know this is a super weird photo, but I love these striped pants on Lydia, and I'll be sad when they get too small someday.  I pinch and squish her tiny bum all day!

8 - Last week in preschool, Lydia brought an envelope and stamp, and they could choose someone to write a letter to.  She chose Seth, and drew a picture for him, and since she can't write yet, she dictated to Miss Tammy what the letter said:  "Dear Seth, I like to play and make funny faces to Peter with you because it makes him laugh.  I don't like it when we fight.  I wish we could go to the park to have fun together in the summer.  I wish I could get you some Star Wars Legos because you love them so much.  Love, Lydia."

9 - Peter gets excited when Matt gets home.  Dad's trying to read the paper, and in his own way, Peter's trying to do the same.  :-)

10 - Tonight's dinner scene.  And she thinks she doesn't need naps anymore.  On another note, check out her plate.  It's not too common for her to eat EVERYTHING, but I guess breakfast burritos and oranges are winners!

11 - Seth is reading chapter books for school.  His reading has really taken off, and his teacher sends him home with Jigsaw Jones books to read.  The other kids were in bed, and Matt was at Young Men, so my little kindergartner and I got some rare one-on-one time to read and play together before bed.

12 - I made these cute little flower cookies made with Nilla Wafers, melted chocolate, and M&Ms.  Lydia's bringing them to preschool on her birthday for snack time.  Something a little different than cupcakes - and easy too!  I love that her birthday is in the spring when there are so many cute springy and colorful treats to choose from.

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Terilyn said...

It's been too long since I've "checked on" you guys, and since I was missing you so much today, I was especially happy (and sad) to see the photos. I'm happy that everyone is so cute and doing GREAT, and sad because I don't get to see you very often. I need to make a trip out there--or you can come see us and have some fun. Love you, Jen, Matt, Seth, Lydia and Peter!