Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's all fun and games until...

...Seth gets a fat lip. Our little Dare Devil has figured out how to climb up the stairs. Problem is getting down. Someone gave us a stair gate, but it doesn't work with the kind of railing we have, so until we get one that does, we are keeping an eye on the miniature Evel Knievel. This morning Matt was playing with him on the stairs, making sure he didn't do a nose dive and somehow he bonked himself and I think bit his upper lip because it was bleeding. He was understandably upset but was ready to play again after a little cuddle time with Mom. And it hasn't deterred him from returning to the scene of the accident...he still loves those stairs! You can see the battle wound only slightly here, and by the end of the day it just looked like a Botox injection.

Seth is a good shopper! We went to our neighborhood produce market today to get some fresh goodies for Thanksgiving dinner. We love having all the local fresh produce within walking distance of home.

Seth's daycare has an annual silent auction in December, and the parents donate items to raise money. I made this Christmas table runner that I hope will brighten someone's table and help make some money for new programs and equipment for the kids.

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Kristen said...

Poor Seth! But I guess the experience didn't cause any permanent mental anguish since he's still heading for those stairs. I love the runner. You did a great job!