Friday, November 2, 2007

There's a new sheriff in town (aka Halloween 2007)

Another festive and fun Halloween has come and gone. Even though it is technically Seth's 2nd Halloween, it's more like his first since last year he was 5 weeks old on Halloween, his costume was an orange pumpkin t-shirt and he slept through the whole thing. This year he was a cowboy, complete with a vest, chaps (both made by his mama) and a fancy deputy sheriff badge. We had a hat for him, but 1) he doesn't like things on his head and 2) it was too big anyway. We went to a fun party last Friday hosted by some friends where this photo was taken by Jason.

Cortney, Carrie, Jenni and Rachel thought of everything and really put on a spread, as you can seen in this photo.

We couldn't come up with a trusty steed for Seth to ride, so we put him on his school bus and called it good. It was all the same to him!

Here's our friendly skeleton I fashioned out of milk jugs. Next time we'll liven him up with a red beating heart or a glow stick in his hand.

We didn't take Seth out trick-or-treating this year, but I took him into work in the afternoon where he got lots of "awwww"s and some candy. He thought it was great fun that the doorbell kept ringing every 5 minutes to reveal all manner of cute, scary, creepy and funny costumes. We kept a tally and had 117 trick-or-treaters this year...give or take 5 or 10 - we were ambushed a couple of times and lost count in all the mayhem. We ran out of candy and started giving out whatever we could find...granola bars, bags of chips, etc. We thought about breaking into the food storage, but we didn't think a bag of dry pinto beans would go over too well with the kids!

Next year will likely be the one for Seth to venture out with Dad to wrangle up some goodies for himself, but for this year, we had our Halloween fill. We hope all of you did as well!

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