Friday, February 15, 2008

I see love in your future...

I made these cute little felt fortune cookies for Valentine's Day. I tried another version that was more involved with sewing, but I didn't have time to put them together, so this is a simple pattern courtesy of Martha. I think they'd be cute for other holidays in other colors too!

I was a bit vexed by Valentine's Day this year. I signed up to bring cookies to Seth's daycare Valentine's party. He doesn't usually attend on Thursdays, but we went together for the afternoon. I was so excited to make homemade sugar cookies that I only make at Valentine's Day! This year I thought to use my little heart cookie cutter so little hands would easily grasp little cookies, and I made them like Oreos with pink icing sandwiched between 2 little hearts so the icing wouldn't get everywhere.

Oh goody! I'm so excited! So I get there, and unbeknownst to me, the kiddos aren't allowed to have homemade treats! Apparently, this is common knowledge to everyone who has kids in school. My excitement turned to disappointment. Where is the logic in feeding the kids sodium-, fat-, and preservative-filled, store-bought crackers and cookies (you know those super-soft, shortening-laden sugar cookies with the frosting that coats the roof of your mouth) rather than my lovingly-made, home-baked goodness??!! I suppose on some small level, part of me can see the reason for the policy around food safety, and at least I was able to share my goodies with the staff. I have to remind myself, too, that these little ones are between 1 and 2 years old...they can't tell the difference between a goldfish cracker and a Cheezit! At any rate, Seth had a good time with his friends at "school."

Lastly, we found a cute little Valentine bear for Seth on our front porch yesterday morning, no doubt courtesy of his surrogate "Renton Grandparents." Seth likes to cuddle with people but not so much with stuffed animals, a blankie, or the like. However, I saw him this morning giving loves to his new little friend. After I snapped this photo, he promptly proceeded to poke Mr. Bear in the eyes before tossing him aside and heading for the kitchen utensil drawer. He's all boy!


Silly Little White Girls said...

All your valentine projects are so cute! (And so's the little boy, of course.) Your quilt is so pretty. Rob's sister is a quilter, so I decided to piece one a while ago (very simple--nothing like yours). I had it quilted and got it back the week our girls were born ... and now it's STILL in the closet with no binding. Some day!

And, by the way, I love the little primary kid quotes on the side--so cute. :)

Just the Three of Us said...

I love this post! In fact...I agree completely and I am just so sad those cookies were not enjoyed by those whom they were meant for. You are so crafty too. Those furtune cooies are really cute! So is Seth! I just love to see him and when I do it seems to make everything seem so worth it! Keep writing!

rowdystroudy said...

I just want to know why you didn't bring them over to me...:)