Thursday, April 17, 2008

Budding Artist

Tuesday was all about snails at library story time. All the books were about slimey, squishy snails and slugs...creatures whose grossness is in itself fascinating to kids and adults alike. After stories were through, Seth got in line as usual to get his hand stamped and his coloring project. I decided this was the day to try out his new Tadoodles paint he got in his Easter basket. All I can say is thank goodness for the small print that says washable.
I didn't get a photo of him in the act because I was too busy keeping him from painting the table, carpet, his fingers, his clothes, and me. We managed to get some swipes on the paper and this is the finished masterpiece.
Someday I'll just cover the floor with butcher paper and let him go to town with his paints. For now, Mr. Snail is proudly displayed on the refrigerator as a welcome-Dad-home-from-work present. Talented AND generous...aren't we lucky!


Marsha said...

We love the updates of your travels and antics of that cute little boy! Just sad that we aren't close enough to squeeze and hug him often as grandparents are supposed to do. Oh well! Jen, you should be a writer, possibly children's books? Love you all!

Marsha said...

We just love your blog but makes me cry to see how Seth is growing without knowing his grandparents! Oh well! Jen, you should be a writer/possibly children's books? Keep up the good work as you update us without your travels and antics of that cute little boy!!!!