Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Child's Optimism

This little interchange between Seth and me happened a while ago, but I still remember it clearly and think of it almost daily so I thought I'd share it. A little background...whenever we go somewhere, do something or see someone, Seth always says it's ____ day (fill in the blank with names of family, friends, places, etc.). So say we're going to the park...it's "park day." As we drive up the hill towards our house, you can, on a clear day, see Mt. Rainier off in the distance and what a magnificent sight it is. So one day in the car, as we're driving up the hill:

me: Seth, do you think we'll be able to see the mountain today?

Seth: Yah! It's mountain day!

(as we get to the top of the hill, the mountain is hidden behind low clouds and cannot be seen at all)

me: Oh no! We can't see the mountain! It's covered up by all the clouds!

Seth: Yay! It's cloud day!

How I wish I were always able to see the good in every situation this same way. So we couldn't see the mountain. So what? We got to see some lovely clouds in all shades of gray. :-)

Here's my little shining star:

And here's his pretty little sister at 5 weeks, all ready for church.

Life is good.


Jessica said...

What a great story. I can picture Seth saying that. He is such a happy guy. He's like a little mini sunshine spreading his light as he goes. So sweet. Miss you guys!

Jas and Kim said...

Cute, cute! More pictures please! Love ya!

Kight Family said...

I wish I could be that optimistic too. Little kids are so darn cute especially the ones we love!!!!! Your babies are adorable and I am still going to call seth and baby because he will always be your first baby.

And I will copy Kim by saying "more pictures please."
Love Ya tons!!!

SaNnAr said...

He is such a cutie! I love the little argyle sunday dress, she is darling. Hope you are doing well.

The Gee Family said...

Man she is getting big. Time flies! Such cute kids you have. Love ya!