Thursday, April 23, 2009

Like Father, Like Son... so many ways, even down to the hooded jackets.


Jas and Kim said...

I bet Matt just loves having a little shadow. I know Jason sure does! Did you guys get some nice weather? Looks like you sure had some fun! Love ya!

The Gee Family said...

Such cute pics! Boys are so fun but so are girls. Thank heavens for both, right? I saw your cute announcement of Lydia's birth you sent mom. It was so well done and nicely scrapbooked. I think she is so cute and can't wait to see her this summer/fall. Hope you're all doing well. Love ya lots!

V and Co. said...

we have pictures of our boys doing the same thing! sooo cute!
to answer your fabric question, i used the aviary fabric from the three sisters moda line for the back of the quilt. that one i think is my favorite one from that line!