Monday, October 25, 2010


OK, so we didn't go to Old McDonald's farm, but we sang that song almost the whole way there. Where is "there?" Why, the farm of Brother Call, aka Seth and Lydia's third grandpa from church. No animals on this farm, other than cows grazing in the distant field and a horse next door. But there's plenty to do.

We've been promising for a while to bring the kids out to Brother Call's Enumclaw farm to play, "work", and ride the tractor. We picked a nice September morning to visit and play and have lunch together at his roadside produce stand. When the kids are older, we'll send them out there with him, and he'll put them to work for real! These city-fied kids need a little rural culture every once in a while!
Despite Seth's expression, he had a blast on the ol' John Deere:
Does anyone else see that this dahlia is as big as Lydia's head??
No doubt farming is hard work, but how'd you like this to be your office:
Back to the shed for lunch:
"OK, Lydia, I'll drive this thing, and you sit there and give me potato chips when I say so."

Thanks, Brother Call, for a fun day at the farm and for always having candy in your pocket at church!

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