Friday, October 15, 2010

Utah Trip: Part 1

This summer, we took a two-week vacation to Utah for back-to-back family reunions. So we packed up our camping gear and hit the road. When we arrived in Utah, we spent some time at BYU walking around campus, something we haven't taken the time to do on previous trips.
There were about four different EFY outdoor dances going on at the same time, and the kids had to stop and show their stuff. Seth was excited to be at "the BYU". In this video, we kept asking him where he was, and instead of saying "at the BYU!" like he'd said all day, all of a sudden he was confused why we were asking and said "I'm right here!"

Here's Lydia with her more-running-than-dancing moves. She was happy free and out of the backpack.

Sidenote: Can anyone tell me why when I edited Seth's video, I rotated it but when I upload it, it's still sideways?
It was a lovely evening for a stroll around campus and down memory lane. It's all so different I hardly recognize it as the campus where I spent so much time. I know I'm biased, but it really is one of the most beautiful campuses around.

Next stop: camping!


Holly said...

Man, they are cute kids. I just want to hug and squeeze them both! I hope someday all our kids can spend some time there together! I don't think I'd recognize the place anymore either, but I'd sure love the chance to go check it out. Its been a long time - and I miss it. It is a beautiful place!

I don't know about the video either, that's annoying isn't it? I hate that kind of stuff.

Angie said...

It's like Seth was too busy dancing that he didn't want to stop and think. LOVE IT!

Not a big BYU fan, but I do love the campus, beautiful.