Monday, November 15, 2010

Pumpkin Farms

Seth's preschool took a trip to Kelsey Creek Farm last month to get up close with the animals, and Lydia and I tagged along. Thanks to Cortney and Trisha for the pictures...this mom forgot to bring her camera!

The whole class:

Kids lined up to watch Joy the pig eat her lunch:

Mrs. Richards helping Seth pet Gus the pony:

Farmer Jane put the kids right to work, bringing buckets of sawdust shavings into the animal stalls and spreading them out with brooms and rakes:

A few days later we went with our good friends to Trinity Tree Farm, a Christmas tree farm-turned pumpkin patch in the fall.

Trying to find just the right one:

We had pumpkins at home in the garden, but I figured we'd get one here. This was THE one that Seth is sitting on. Good thing it wasn't too was 55 cents per pound (ripoff)!

Seth and Lydia with their fun friend Addie:


cardonfam7 said...

jen--I see what you need the selveges for. I want to make one, too! But I probably won't . . . . maybe you can give me extras if you have more or mom can save more for me when you're done. That looks pretty easy. I saw a pattern for a selvedge bag at the quilt store that was really cute. I love this!!! I like scrappy things the very most. Have fun.

cardonfam7 said...

oh, btw, cute pictures of the kids and you. I love the one with all of you together! And Seth's boots are awesome. :)