Saturday, February 12, 2011

12 of 12 - February

1 - The usual scene at the breakfast it was Cheerios mixed with Chex mixed with Honey Bunches of Oats.
2 - I went to a fun birthday breakfast for a good friend and had to hustle it back home for a Relief Society committee meeting here. I'm speeding just a tad (try 70 in a 50 zone).
3 - I was surprised with an early Valentine's gift from my sweet husband.
4 - It's hard to tell from the picture, but the wind kicked up and was whipping this poor tree around in our neighbor's yard.
5 - The remains of the earlier-mentioned birthday breakfast. I'm completely bummed that I didn't take any pictures there...I had my camera with me and everything! We had 3 kinds of delicious pancakes with a dozen or so different syrups and toppings, and the drink was so good I'm going to make it for dinner tomorrow.
6 - Promising signs of Spring!
7 - Did a little big of sewing on Lydia's quilt during naptime.
8 - During the Relief Society committee planning meeting, we got sidetracked and started talking about Jell-O, of all things, and I whipped out my circa-1950 Jell-O recipe book. Take a look at this delectable creation - "Ring-around-the-tuna" made with lime Jell-O, chopped celery, stuffed pimento olives and canned tuna.
9 - I only make rolled out sugar cookies once a year, and it's Valentine's Day.
10 - High winds turned into drenching rain. Welcome to winter in the Northwest.
11 - Seth and Lydia's super fun cousin David came over to babysit. We love him to come over and will miss him when he leaves for his mission to Brazil this summer.
12 - Me and my Valentine at the movies. Double thumbs up for "The King's Speech."


Anonymous said...

Cute blog, Jen! Gerilyn told me I could find on your blog a tutorial for making a table runner like the one she made for my mom. I looked way back, but I couldn't find it. Do you know about when it was posted?

cardonfam7 said...

So you were going 70 and taking a picture at the same time? you are a dedicated blogger, jen.

Terilyn said...

Did you EAT that jello creation, Jen? That would not be touched with a ten-foot pole by my family (not offense). ;) Kudos for whipping it up, though. xoxoxoxoxoxo