Friday, May 13, 2011

12 fo 12 - May

1 - Banana pancakes for breakfast. My giant pizza cutter makes quick work of cutting them up!

2 - My Mother's Day roses are in full bloom!

3 - OK we're a little bit white trash, but the funniest part of this isn't that Lydia's running around with just her diaper, but check out where she's wearing the safety goggles.

4 - Making something cute for an upcoming baby shower.

5 - Music time at the church. Here are all the kids sitting on a parachute while the moms hold on to the handles and drag them around the gym.

6 - Finally cherry blossoms on our tree!

7 - Ironing day.

8 - A few minutes to enjoy my new read.

9 - Friends Addie and Simon came over to play. Lydia kept tabs on Simon and loved playing with him, but mostly I think she liked not being the youngest.

10 - Matt trying to catch up on the day's news, but the kids make it difficult to do. He doesn't look too upset though.

11 - The last of our tulips.

12 - Kids in bed (yay!), Matt back at work (boo!), and so another date with my cutting board and sewing machine. I'll do a seperate post about what I'm working on.

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