Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Need an excuse to get away?

To anyone who lives in, or who will BE in, Utah at the end of June, here's a happy reason to take a little road trip. Ever hear of a little town called Loa? Well, it's just about the cutest little mountain-farming town you'll ever visit. And on Saturday, June 25, there's this to check out:

You can read around the outside of the flyer about all the wonderful goods that will be on display for sale. And, my mom and I are teaming up as one of the vendors! Sadly, I won't be there for it, but stop by and say hello to Mom, aka Marsha, at our booth. Just look for this:

And, lest you think that's all there is to do, here's a link to what you'll find for activities, recreation, lodging and other cool stuff in the area.

So, stop by, stay for the weekend, or maybe continue on to nearby Moab, Bryce Canyon or even Lake Powell. Wanna get away? Here's your chance!

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