Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nice day for a hike

Last month my friend Deborah and I took Seth and Lydia and her nephews for a hike to Anti-Aircraft Peak on Cougar Mountain. The weather was cool and a little damp, and the trail was almost entirely ours. Lydia stayed in the backpack almost the whole time without trying to launch herself out the top, and all the kids entertained themselves on the hike watching out for slugs and caterpillars.

Stopping to fill up bags with rocks at the quarry to take to the mine shaft.

Taking a break at the mine shaft for snacks. You can see behind Seth the shaft is covered with a grid of re-bar, which was covered with lots of vines and grass.

Kids love to throw stuff! They threw rocks down the shaft and it's so deep that you can't hear them hit the bottom. They were fascinated!

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