Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Playing tourist for my birthday

Last month my birthday was on a Sunday, so Saturday was our day to get out and have some fun. Seth is a game tester for a creative little company that makes awesome board games, and when the game is fixed, refined and manufactured, they have a release party for all the testers. This was the day, so we drove into Seattle, had some fun with the game creators, and walked away with two free games that he tested a few months ago.
Here's their wall of fame with all the boxes of games they've made and won awards for.
While we were downtown, Matt suggested we stop by Pike's Place and walk around the market. It was a gorgeous day, and it was crowded but so fun to do something different and experience something beyond our little neighborhood. It was fun being a tourist in our own city!

I never get tired of this iconic sign welcoming everyone to the market, and I'm dying over the bunches of flowers planted on the market's roof.

The one way we can ensure that Lydia doesn't get left behind or that she doesn't run off:

Giddyup, pig!

Hmm...not as slimey as I was expecting a pig's nostril to be.

Birthday girl with a bunch of sweet peas in my hand and two little sweet peas on my lap!

We headed south a few blocks to Zippy's for lunch, home for naps, and out for a movie with my favorite guy. Happy birthday to me!

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Holly said...

Sounds like a good one-Happy Birthday! Someday I want to come back and go to that market again-it was great. I love that game tester thing that's so cool!