Friday, September 14, 2012

12 of 12 - September

1 - Kind of a weird photo, but it feels so good to have my ankles back, as opposed to the swollen, tight imposters that took over the last few months of my pregnancy.

2 - Check out my guns!  I'll mess you up.

3 - The kids like to mix their cereals, so every morning, this is typically what the kitchen counter looks like.

4 - This is the view from the front doors of the library.  I'm so happy voters chose to keep the Cedar River Library in its current location.  It's the only public library in the country that is built to span a river.  Pretty soon we'll be able to look down and watch the salmon making their way up the river to spawn.

5 - This cute little bronze statue of a boy reading a book is a favorite of the kids at the library.  We usually go to story time at the smaller Highlands library on Tuesdays, but we'll probably start going Wednesdays because of Lydia's preschool schedule.

6 - The outside of the house is almost done getting painted.  Goodbye light-gray-that-almost-looks-lavender-on-a-cloudy-day color and hello "Weathered Shingle" with creamy white trim.

7 - A very close up of a project I'm working on, without giving too much away in case the recipient reads this post.

8 - Bye Seth!  Have a good day at school!

9 - Lydia likes to "help" when I'm in the kitchen.  Today we made chocolate waffle cookies for an after-school treat.

10 - Matt had a work function until late tonight, so dinner was mac n' cheese and nectarines.  Does it look like the kids feel cheated eating an easy dinner?  Sometimes it seems like the less effort I put into dinner, the more the kids like it.  Anyone else feel that way?

11 - Another picture with me and my little cutie Peter.  I don't know how to look normal when I take a picture of myself in the mirror.

12 - The best shot of the day.  He's a good little sleeper for just being 8 weeks old.  He wakes up a couple of times a night and goes right back to sleep.  I sure love him!  

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Kristen said...

Those chocolate waffle cookies sound yummy. Would you mind sharing the recipe?