Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday boy Seth

"I am six today"

It's hard to believe our little big boy is 6 years old! 
birthday Lucky Charms

We were out of the house most of the day because of people looking at the house and us meeting our realtor, but he was happy to go to school and then play at the park afterward for most of the afternoon.  Dinner at Kidd Valley, a quick stop at the church for a scout court of honor, home for baths and jammies, and THEN it was time for presents and treats.  He asked when his friends were coming over for a party, and when I told him we were going to have a family party this year, he just said, "OK that sounds great."  Such an easy-going little pleaser.

Reading his birthday cards himself!

Can you tell he loves Star Wars Legos??

Yes, there are only 5 candles and yes, 3 of them are pink.  It's what's left in the house after packing up most of the kitchen.  Don't judge.

At 6 years old, Seth:
*loves to put things together...puzzles, legos, tractors, cars.
*has taken off with reading.  His kindergarten class did early reading assessments, and he tests above his grade level.
*likes to play checkers with Dad.
*tells me all about the friends he makes at school and on the bus.  He's unafraid to walk up to someone new and ask their name and if they want to play.
*is very thorough and serious about coloring.  He'll spend 30 minutes coloring in every single thing on a page in his coloring book.
*is smart, clever, a little bossy, loving and ALL BOY!

***Happy Birthday, Seth!  Your family loves you!***

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Carrie said...

SIX? I really can't believe it! What a cutie:)