Wednesday, October 17, 2012

12 of 12 - October

This edition of the 12 of 12 was a special treat because we were visiting my parents in Utah!  The first few days were Mom's annual quilt retreat, and my sisters, aunt and I came to help with the food.  I use the term "help" very loosely when I'm talking about myself since Peter took up most of my time and energy.  Then, the day before we went home, we had a party for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  Amazing, right?  I love and appreciate their example, and a big part of who I am today is because of them.  So, here goes:

1 - Good morning, my little pumpkin!  Almost 3 months old.

2 - This is the view from Mom and Dad's kitchen window.  Aren't you jealous?  Storm clouds rolled in and poured torrential rain on the fields of alfalfa and snow on the mountain tops.

3 - Lydia entertaining Peter with her favorite snowman toy from Grandma's toy box.

4 - Tender moment with Grandpa and Lydia.  She loves him!

5 - Grandma and Aunt Terilyn getting some smiles and coos from cute little man.

6 - My sister Terilyn with the kiddos after feeding Peter. 

7 - Oh, how I wish this little guy would take a pacifier, but I've pretty much given up trying.  He'll drift off if I hold my pinky in his mouth.

8 - Grandma holding Peter just the way he likes.  Then he can see everything!

9 - A shot of the quilt retreat.  There were 13 quilters who showed up to eat good food, make a project taught by my talented mom, and enjoy chatting and taking in the wide open beauty of Loa, Utah!

10 - Each year at the retreat is a show and tell for people to show what they've worked on over the last year.  Left to right is Terilyn, me, Gerilyn, and Mom.  We all made a quilt using the same pattern but different fabrics, and here's how they all turned out.

11 - Real men quilt!  This is my dad's show and tell, and yes he did make it all himself!  My mom keeps him busy with projects around the house, now including sewing.  He doesn't have much energy these days because of his chemotherapy, but he manages to keep busy and productive.  What a guy!

12 - My cute Aunt Nonnie is catching the quilting bug too.  Here she is binding a quilt for a special girl (I won't spill the beans since it's a Christmas gift).

Note:  No pictures of Matt and Seth this time since they flew in this day and got to Loa late afternoon.  Things got busy, and I didn't get my camera out the rest of the day.  Shame on me!

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Terilyn said...

Jen--I feel like a celebrity being on your blog! That sure was a fun trip. I need to come and visit you in your new house before my nephews and niece are all grown up!