Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blessing day for Peter

This past Sunday was Peter's blessing day at church.  For our friends who aren't familiar with this, after a baby is born, he or she is given a special blessing by a member of their family, usually the father, or a family friend, or a church leader.  It is similar to a christening but different than a baptism, and it is both an official presentation of the baby's name to the church members and an opportunity to give a special blessing to the baby.

Here is our own little blessing in his dapper outfit.  Mom and I sewed this together while she was here when he was born.  The vest portion is made from the leftover silk fabric from my wedding dress.  Isn't he the most handsome little guy?

"Yay!  It's my blessing day!"

"Yikes.  I'm kinda nervous.  Do I have to do anything?"

"Ooohhh, I just have to lie there?  I can do that."

"No one can resist me."'

Matt gave Peter a beautiful blessing, and I'm so thankful for his worthiness to perform this special ordinance. 

We're glad Marianne and John could come and share the day with us too.

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