Friday, January 25, 2013


Here are few photos of way back when, aka Thanksgiving, our first one in our new home.  I didn't take many photos, including our lovely dinner table, but here are a few throughout the day.

Color-by-number Thanksgiving printables kept the kids busy for a bit.

Peter officially turned over from his back to his tummy on Thanksgiving Day.  He was on his little play mat, and, bless his heart, just turned over and went to sleep!

Thanksgiving was an extra special day of thanks.  It was our 10th wedding anniversary!  Of course, we weren't married on Thanksgiving, but every few years, we get to celebrate it on the holiday.  Matt gave me these lovely flowers.  I'm a lucky girl to be married to a sweetheart of a guy.

The kids and I made these place settings/favors out of a sugar cone and M & M's.  Thank you, Pinterest!

We hosted the missionaries for Thanksgiving dinner and had a nice, quiet day.  I sure love that holiday.  It's all about that one day, being grateful for our blessings and sharing those blessings with others.

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Holly said...

What a beautiful family you have! Sure makes me miss you all!