Friday, February 8, 2013

2012 Santa Story

The idea was to write a little narrative of our annual visit to Santa every year, but I realized the last time I did this was Lydia's first Christmas!  Time to start up again.  Side note:  Santa's speaking parts are made up by me, not his actual words...just interpreting the photos.  Here's how it went down:

Seth:  I want Star Wars Legos and more Star Wars Legos and maybe some Star Wars Legos.
Santa:  Wow, you really know your Star Wars.  Are you pretending to be Luke Skywalker after he gets his hand chopped off and before he gets his new bionic one?  That's pretty cool.

Seth:  Santa, you're the best.
Santa:  Thanks for being a good boy.

Lydia:  I want a bunny house and Cinderella Legos.
Santa:  You have a tiny voice that I can barely hear, but you sure are cute.

Lydia:  I've been wanting to give you a hug all day.
Santa:  You're a sweetheart and a good little girl.

Seth:  This was fun!
Peter:  Where am I?
Lydia:  Yay!  I got my candy cane!

Seth:  Still smiling, Mom & Dad.  Thanks for bringing me to see Santa!
Peter:  There's something down there that's interesting.
Lydia:  I'm looking at whatever Peter is looking at.  Is it time to eat my candy cane yet?

Seth:  OK, are we almost done with pictures, Mom?  My smiler's getting tired.
Peter:  OK, now there's something over there that's got my attention.
Lydia:  Now I'm smiling at Dad.  Surely, he'll let me eat my candy cane.

Seth:  Yay! We got to see Santa!
Lydia:  Waaa!  Mom said I can't eat my candy cane now because we're going to go get dinner.
Dad:  OK let's all cry on the count of three.  One...two...three...waaaaaa!
Peter:  I'm taking a break from crying.  Wanna tell me why you handed me over to that big, red stranger?

Seth:  Merry Christmas!
Lydia:  Candy cane!  Candy cane!
Dad:  I love this.  No, really.
Peter:  Nope, still haven't forgiven you for this!  Waaaa!

The End


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Umm...don't know why I put "miss you even more" with a question mark. I obviously meant it with lots of exclamation points!!

Kristen said...

So funny!