Wednesday, July 16, 2014

12 of 12 – August 2013


1 – Seth and Lydia entertain themselves by doing stuff to Peter like putting his socks on his hands and watching what he does.

2 – Seth lost his second tooth and wrote a note to the tooth fairy.  Background:  he actually lost his tooth 2 days ago, but the first night, the tooth fairy was running behind schedule and didn’t make it to our house.  In his own spelling:  “Dear tooth fairy  Please rememder to check for my tooth and please leve me a present or a coin and I will take good cear of my teeth.”

3 – I finished 30 crayon rolls for a preschool teacher who wanted to give one to each of her little students.

4 – Look in the bottom right part of the picture to see a hummingbird approaching our feeder.  We have so many!  Never mind the bugs in the feeder.  I know that’s so gross, but somehow the earwigs find their way in and then drown.  Any tips for keeping them out??

5 – Beautiful roses brought to me by my new camp friend Jen when we invited her family over for dinner.

6 – We finally got our congratulatory note for Peter’s birth from the White House.  “Welcome to the world!  Your arrival is a cause for great celebration for your proud family.  We wish you a long and happy life filled with chances to learn, ideas to explore, people to love, and dreams to fulfill.  Sincerely, Barak Obama & Michelle Obama”  I’ve gotten one of these for each of the kids when they were born, and honestly I held off sending Peter’s birth announcement in hopes of getting a note from President Mitt Romney (that has a nice ring to it), but this will do as a baby memento.

7 – Matt comes home sometimes for lunch, and Peter likes to stand at the front window to watch his dad drive away.

8 – The sign of a fun summer day outside…dirty marks on Lydia’s feet from her sandal straps.

9 – Almost done sewing my quilt top of Great-Granny Squares.  This is the 49th of 56 squares.

10 – I can’t resist this little cutie.  Check out those eyelashes!  He was playing with some of Seth’s legos, and whenever he dropped them or broke them apart, he’d say his newest word “Uh-oh!”

11 – Two little apples on our Jonagold tree.  Yay!

12 – Lydia is the best and most adventurous eater at dinner.  She usually asks for things Seth wouldn’t touch, like salsa or avocados or pickles or salad or more chicken.  Of course, it doesn’t take much coaxing to get her to eat a bowl of ice cream for dessert.

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