Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lovely no matter how you say it

It's a lovely summer evening, so I went out and cut these peonies from our front yard.

My question is, how do you pronounce it? If you're from Utah, most likely you say pee-OH-nees. Anywhere else it sounds more like PEE-uh-nees. Any way you say it, I just love these huge pom poms of loveliness. They remind me of my Granny's garden. We used to help her pick them and put them and in mason jars of water to take to the cemetaries on Memorial Day. She was the youngest of a large family, so she lovingly put one on each of her siblings' and parents' graves as well as those of my Grandpa's family. The smell of them transports me to that precious time I spent with lilacs mixed with sweet peas and rain.


Rachel said...

Gorgeous! My favorite flower ever. And none of mine are blooming yet - wah! Thanks for the post so that I can enjoy them vicariously! :)

Kight Family said...

I went with mom this year to decorate the graves and that is exactly what we did. I filled the mason jars with dirt and water and mom added the peonies and pink roses. I sure hope Granny would be proud of how it looked.

Kelsie said...

Somehow I only learned about peonies a year or two ago, but I love them. I planted some last year and despite some hard times in our yard, a couple plants are growing. I don't think they'll bloom until next year, though. Yours are beautiful!

And congratulations--and good luck (to all of you)--on the new calling!

Warner's said...

I love these flowers...I need to remember to plant some next spring.