Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is what happens...

...when the oven temperature conrol knob can be reached by a toddler. Today I baked off my Amish friendship bread, and I started to smell something burning. At first, I thought there was something spilled on the bottom of the oven that needed to get cleaned up, but when I checked, the oven was turned up all the way to 500 degrees! Fortunately, (1) Seth is down for a nap so I won't be quite as ticked by the time he wakes up and (2) I think I can carve some non-burnt morsels from the middle. Ugh! I feared this would happen someday.
Also, it's fortunate he's cute and obedient most of the time...

(at the zoo this week)

(at the park up the street)


Jas and Kim said...

That's pretty funny! Glad you were home when it happened! Did you manage to salvage any bread?
Seth's so BIG, and what a cutie pie!

The Hardy's said...

What darling little kids you have. Toddlers are very 'helpful' sometimes with things that don't really need 'helping', arent' they? Glad everything turned out ok with the bread.

I love that you used your blessing dress with a few of your own added touches to have Lydia blessed. I'm sure it was a special day.

Cleaning out some files the other day I came across your wedding invitation. Time sure does fly by fast.

Hope you're all doing well.


Cortney said...

Jen, I'll bring you some more start. :) I'm on my second round from the start your brought me. You'll get your bread, I promise!