Wednesday, March 5, 2014

12 of 12 – May 2013

May 12th happened to fall on Mother’s Day.  Lucky me!

may 2013 1 – Beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day…all my favorites!

2 – Matt and the kids whipped up some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  They’re the best I’ve tasted…probably because I didn’t have to make them!

3 – I get to smell my lilac bush every time I walk out the front door.  Mmmm.  Makes me think of my Granny.

4 – All ready for church.  He’s such a happy boy who’s never tired of smiling!

5 – Oh, this doesn’t make me happy…freshly-dug mole holes in the yard.  These things are getting more and more menacing.  Must do something about it SOON!

6 – Me and the cutie pies after church in front of our backyard.

7 – Seth and Matt working together to make some yummy brownies for dinner’s dessert.

8 – Grilled teriyaki chicken and pineapple kabobs, rice, and veggies for dinner.  Yummmm!

9 – He’s loving his new top teeth, and I love to look at them!  He’s pretty much weaned himself of nursing, which is always a bit of relief and sadness when my babies are done with mama milk.  I’m thankful I was able to make it to 10 months of nursing, and he’s thriving and growing.

10 – We have a budding musician, maybe.

11 – Seth made this Mother’s Day card today.  He wrote “I love you this much” on the arms.  I’m saving this forever. and. ever.

12 – Taking a look at the arrangement of the latest t-shirt quilt I’m making for a friend before I sew it together.

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