Friday, March 7, 2014

How does your garden groove?


In May, the kindergarten classes at Seth’s school put on a musical play called “How Does Your Garden Groove?”  And Seth played the part of French Fry #2.  So, here he is in between a cabbage and corn on the cob, a sack of potatoes with a scarf and curly mustache.


Afterward, I wanted to get a picture with his friend and French Fry #1, Natalie, but they had already turned in their costumes.  Oh well.  They still had their cute mustaches, and Seth is even doing a weird pose that makes him look like he has no arms.


And here is my favorite photo…Seth with his amazing, energetic, super-organized and wonderful teacher, Miss Smith.  She loves Seth as much as he loves her, and we’ll miss her.  She has helped him thrive, exceed his goals, and love everything about school!  I love how it looks like he’s blushing, but I think his red face is the result of running around and chasing his friends.


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